Travel places a burden on the environment through air pollution including nitrous oxide (acid rain,) particulate matter (smog and unhealthy air to breathe,) and greenhouse gases (contributing to global warming). Travel is inevitable and so no advice will completely eliminate the resulting pollution, however it is possibly reduce the resulting overall footprint:

  • Every effort should be made to use fuel-efficient vehicles, to use commercial flights over private air travel, and consciously plan for less travl when possible.
  • Reduce the amount of unnecessary travel through video and conference calls. This practice will eliminate a large environmental impact as well as save time and money.
  • For all travel that must occur, plan ahead and try to travel in groups and to rent or hire environmentally friendlier transport such as commercial air travel and hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles.

REMEMBER: Minimizing the number of unique miles that must be traveled is a fairly simple way of cutting down on emissions.

For more details on Transportation, please read Chapter 6 of EMA's Green Seal Guidelines.

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