Filming in State Parks

North Carolina's Division of Parks and Recreation takes pride in providing a restful and safe environment for citizens and visitors while welcoming responsible still photography and film and video crews.

Steps for requesting a permit to film in NC State Parks:

  1. Please submit the form below at least two (2) weeks prior to your proposed shoot:
  2. This "Initial Film Permit Application" must be immediantly followed by direct contact with the Superintendent at the proposed Park to discuss application restrictions and to complete an additional "On Site Film Permit Application."
  3. Reference map of NC State Parks and contact information found here.


Location(s) desired
Type of Project(s)
Time Window e.g.(1pm-3pm)

By clicking submit, I intend to arrange a meeting with the specified Park’s Superintendent at his/her earliest convenience to discuss my upcoming project and apply for a state parks permit. I understand that application should be submitted at least 14 days prior to on-site production, that a Special Activity fee of $35.00 must be given to the Park Superintendent at the time of walk-through should my application be accepted, and a permit number will be given to me. A performance bond may also be required, at the discretion of the Division of Parks & Recreation, to ensure protection of natural resources.

By submitting this form, I attest that the information provided herein is complete, correct, and in no way misleading or false; that I am fully-authorized to represent the production stated and will work with NC state officials to adhere to their safety regulations to protect property and lives.

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