You will need to photograph your property to best show what is available. To do so, please adhere to the following.

Capture your property in a panoramic manner. To accomplish this, it is suggested that you photograph your property vertically (tall) in a span of 3-4 shots (do not exceed 4). Each shot should have some overlap with the previous one. Then merge/stitch your shots together to make one large, long view (approx. 10 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall).

Stitching can be done by one of three ways:

  1. Using the software that came with your digital camera
  2. In Adobe Photoshop (Photomerge tool is under Automate from the FILE menu)
  3. Download one of the following software programs

PC users: Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor)

Mac users: DoubleTake 2.2.3

Once merged, the resulting view/pan should be approximately 1300 pixels. Pans should be saved as a jpg at 150 dpi.

You will want to make sure you give a good representation of the property and the surrounding area. Make sure and capture the front and back as well as the side(s) of the property. For the interior, we will need 2-3 rooms captured. You do not need to get caught up on specific details, such as types of doorknobs. Typically a property should have 4-8 views/pans accompanying its submission.

Single shots are also welcome; however the pan views give a much better representation of your property.

Click here to download a pdf of these instructions with photo example

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