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Vogelsberg Joins FilmNC Staff
March 15, 2022

Growth in industry results in additional staff in state film office

Film Production in North Carolina Reaches New Investment High
August 19, 2021

Local businesses among the many beneficiaries from the $409+M to date to be invested in NC in 2021

NC Commerce Updates Film Grant Guidelines
May 10, 2021

Following a public input period, change made to "must start principal photography" portion of guidelines

NC Commerce Proposes Change to Film Grant Guidelines
April 15, 2021

Public input period, specific to the "must start principal photography" portion of guidelines, to run through 5 p.m. on May 4, 2021

Film Grant Recipients Fuel Strong Start to 2021 for Production in North Carolina
April 1, 2021

Six new grant recipients to have economic impact of more than $134 million

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