Intent to Film Notification

The following form should be completed by any production, regardless of production type and/or budget size, that will be filming in North Carolina. Completion of the form is required for any production wishing to apply for the state's film rebate program, funded through the NC Film and Entertainment Grant (note that an additional "formal application" is also required to be completed to be considered). Even those productions who do not intend to apply for the grant should complete the form so that the NC Film Office is best able to assist the production while filming in North Carolina. If you have any questions, please call 919.447.7800 or email us

Preproduction (Dates) in NC
Principal Photography (Dates) in NC
Wrap (Dates) in NC
Production's Financial Contact

North Carolina offers a rebate of up to 25% on qualified expenses/purchases to productions via the NC Film and Entertainment Grant. To qualify, your production must meet a minimum spend of:

$1.5 million for feature-length films

$500,000 for a made-for-television movie

$500,000 per episode for TV/cable series

$250,000 for commercials

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