Getting Started

The first step to having a enviromentally friendly production is to respect the most obvious choices:


One of the main sources of waste in film and television production comes from set materials. By planning ahead for proper disposal of such materials, a production can divert vast amounts of resources from the landfill and provide a second life to many of the resources.

Biodiesel Generators

Generators that run on biodiesel can produce up to 60% less emissions than those on normal diesel fuel. Often, at little or no added cost.

Renewable Energy on the Lot

The use of renewable energy drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions while supporting clean alternatives within the energy industry.

Appoint an Environmental Assistant

Assign a PA to the line producer the responsibility of ensuring lights and electronics are turned off, that recycling is taking place, and trailer generators aren't in use when they will be vacant for certain periods of time. This can effectively save energy, fuel, money, and promote conservation of resources.

Reduce Unnecessary Travel

During the lead up to shooting, check to see if all travel is necessary for all individuals. Telecommuting, email, Skype, phone, and instant messenger are all effective and practical methods of reducing travel miles while staying in contact.

For more details on Getting Started, please read EMA's Green Seal Guidelines.

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