Policy #
  Traffic Control Request*
  Bridge Closure Request*
  Road Closure Request*
* The production should contact local law enforcement (i.e. city/town police department or county sheriff’s office) with regards to hiring off-duty officers to assist with traffic during filming. It is the production’s responsibility to secure these individuals and pay for their services.
Date of Set-up
Time Window (ex: 1pm-3pm)
Date of Production
Time Window
Date of Tear-down
Time Window

Exact location of shoot (city/town, intersection, name of bridge, mile marker, etc.

Base camp location
Total number of personnel
Children? If so, number
Animals? If so, kind and number
Stunt work? Describe stunt work
Aircraft? Name of pilot(s), flight company/contact info
Vehicles? Number and types
Brief description of what will be filmed
Additional Information
The NC Film Office will contact the State Department of Transportation on your behalf. DOT will contact you with 48 regular business hours and provide assistance and/or advice on your project.
By submitting this form I ATTEST that the information provided on this form is complete, correct and in no way misleading or false. I am fully authorized to represent the production/applicant stated and will work with NC state officials to adhere to their safety regulations to protect property and lives.
NOTE: THE NC FLIM OFFICE IS NOT A PERMITTING AGENCY. We work on your behalf with state agencies to secure proper permitting for your shoot.